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DYF awarded as the Jushi best long-term cooperation partner in 2020. 2020-12-12
Dongyu welcome you to China Composites Expo 2020 2020-8-24
Dongyu DYF successfully listed equity trading center 2019-12-26
Dongyu(DYF) once again won the honor of long-term stable partner of China JUSHI. 2019-12-26
DYF™ breakthrough 80 g light CSM production technology 2019-6-28
Dongyu Group new trademark DYF 2018-12-29
Dongyu welcome you to China Composites Expo 2018 2018-8-22
Happy Chinese New Year Spring Festival! 2018-2-9
The holiday arrangement of Spring Festival 2018 2018-1-30
Dongyu ¡°2016 Christmas walking and mountaineering¡± event was successfully held. 2016-12-27
Dongyu fiberglass was awarded the fastest growth partner of Jushi China. 2016-10-15
Dongyu welcome you to China Composites Expo 2016. 2016-8-23
Dongyu FRP introduced a variety of high quality FRP lighting Panel 2016-8-19
Dongyu FRP products are successfully used in the Mercedes-Benz saloon cars 2016-6-3
Dongyu fiberglass held 2015 year-end summary meeting 2016-1-19
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