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1996: Roving Furnace was put into operation
1998: Roving Weaving project was put into operation.
2001: Invested 8 million yuan to expand the producing scale, increased producing capability.
2002: Bought new estate for new building.
2003: Established subsidiaries corporation: Changshu Dongyu Insulated Compound Materials Co., Ltd.
2004: Chopped Strand Mat Machine put into operation
2007: Invested more than 30 million yuan to new machines, increased the producing capability.
2009: Dongyu was listed as one of the major enterprises by Changshu Government.
2010: Dongyu Fiberglass built new office building, expanded the producing scale.
2011: Dongyu Fiberglass invested a new building for research and technology development.
2012: Dongyu had its own subsidiaries company: Changshu Sany Textile Co.,Ltd
2013: Started the carbon fiber project.
2014£ºEstablished subsidiaries corporation: Changshu Dongha International.
2016£ºEstablished subsidiaries corporation: Dongyu FRP Factory.
2017 : Established Polyester Resin Impregnated Fiberglass Web Banding Tape factory.


Company Profile
Company History
Corporate Cultur
Organization Structure
Quality Assurance
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